Privacy Statement

Updated on 15.09.2013


Art. 1.0
NiXWay / – Defines and refers to SC NiXWay® SRL | CUI 32170933 | Nr. Reg. Com. J15/531/2013 | Registration Date 26.08.2013, hosting, domains and management provider through the website named
This document represents the operating conditions imposed by the hosting provider SC NiXWay SRL.
By continuing to use the website, you totally agree to the following conditions and terms that we impose:
a). You fully agree with all the Terms and Conditions for operation of this website.
b). Any malfunction caused solely from your fault will be resolved strictly in accordance with our terms and conditions.
c). You are fully responsible for the content you upload, host or promote on our hosting services.
d). All informations regarding your personal details (name, first name, address, phone, email, personal identification code, copy of your ID/Driver license) are 100% correct and valid, according to the legal provisions.
Below is a brief definition of terms used in the conduct of activities by

User – Defines any individual, legal person or organizations who use our services.
Client – Defines any individual, legal person, or organizations who places an order.
Order – Defines the request addressed to, in which you request purchase of any product/service offered by
Services – Defines any service offered by, available on website or custom offers made only via Support Ticket or Email (


Art. 1.1
All payments to are not refundable. The client can’t request the refund of any payments made in the process of ordering service / add funds / add credits to account / management / domain register, or any other transaction offered by
In case of a really sensitive reason, the client can request cancellation of any services. In this case will not refund any payment made for that service.
It is considered a “payment refund” crediting the account with the total or partial amount of virtual credits that equals with the amount paid for service or the amount appreciated by, if the number of days passed from the day that order has been placed, is less than 10 days.
Art. 1.2
The client is not allowed to modify in any way, any parameters of function for any service, in other way that is set by
Any unauthorised modification, can be considered a hack attempt, and we reserve the right to suspend all services of the respective client or termination of the contract and withdrawal the client status of the respective client without any prior notice. Still, this does not constitute a good reason for the client, to give up the services offered by
Art. 1.3 reservers the right to verify the authenticity / validity of client’s informations through the methods provided in the customer account (phone, email) but also by requesting copies of the documents proving your identity.

The refusal to submit documents which are needed to verify your customer account role is interpreted as your expressed wish to not to continue the customer agrement with We reserve the right to suspend your your customer account and any contracts and agreements will be considered null and void, without the ability to re-activate your account / services / contract or becoming a new client, based on a new contract.


Art. 1.4 will respond only for orders / payments / invoices made ​​exclusively on website using your your client account. We reserve the right to suspend your your customer account. Any other means to pay for services trade, to order services, or to pay bills is considered as null. This is not meaning a proof of payment for services to
Clients agree to introduce in the ordering form, only complete, correct and accurate informations.
Domain registration is done in accordance with our country laws . can not be held responsible in any way for any inconvenience caused by the incorrect or incomplete information provided in the client details by the client.
Art. 1.5
Information regarding Privacy policy:
Client should read the informations regarding the protection of personal data before proceeding with the order and sending data to
Art. 1.6
After the order is complete, an invoice will be automatically send to the email address provided during the order form.
A proforma invoice, contains all informations needed to make the payment and is available online in the client area.
A proforma invoice does not have any accounting value.
Art. 1.7
The customer agrees to pay for services in advance for the time period in which they are provided.
Art. 1.8
All invoices will be sent by email and a printable version is available for the client in control panel. Customers must pay the bill in advance at the beginning of each pay period, within 5 working days from the date on which the invoice was issued. recommend confirmation of payments by sending a copy of the paper which attest that the payment was made to the mail address if the payment was made by bank.
Art. 1.9 reserves the right to suspend services if they exceed minimum 12 hours from the due date of the invoice, if it has not been paid.
Any extension of the deadline for payment is at our discretion.
We reserve the right to permanently delete all data and the hosting accounts or services after a lapse of five days from the invoice due date if payment has not been made.
Any extension of the deadline is at our discretion.


Art. 2.0
We accept only payments made via: PayPal, Credit/Debit Card Payment, SMS Payment, Bank Transfer.
All payments must contain an unique transaction id ! Under any circumstances we do not accept payments by any method, send directly to our payment email/address as a gift or donations. All payments must be made directly from the client account, as a payment for an invoice. Otherwise the payment will be declined and will be considered nulled, remaining at our decision if it is refundable or not.
In accordance with Art. 1.1 from INTRODUCTION, any payment made for NiXWay is not refundable.


Art. 2.1
The registration of domains is made only after the payment is confirmed.
If the payment was made via PayPal, Card or SMS, then the invoice will be confirmed automatically. Otherwise, the client needs to open a new support ticket, specifying the transacton ID, First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, so we can identify the transaction.
For generic and intl. TLDs, you will gain access to domain panel directly from the client area, but you will also receive an additional control panel for managing your domains at request.
For romanian and intl. domains, client informations are sent to the authorities that issue the domains (ROTLD, ICANN, Eurid .. or international authorities which issue the domains).
The privacy policy applicable for domains, will be used.
– For Rotld:
– For Eurid:
If the client does not agree with our domain registration terms, then the registration can’t be done.


Art. 2.2 – does not offer a money back guarantee policy.
Art. 2.3 – Any payment made to is not refundable.
Art. 2.4 – In case un unavailability (downtime) of the services for a period longer that 10% of a month, the client have the right to request a compensation from us, that can’t exceed the monthly fee for the service.
Thoose compensations are given by the following formula: 0,p * d
p – monthly value of the service.
d – service’s precent of downtime.
The compensations are provided only on client’s exclusive request, as virtual credit which is allocated in the client’s account and will be deducted from the next invoice.
If the client wishes to cancel services for the reason of downtime, then we won’t offer any compensation.


Art. 2.5’s services will only be used in legal purposes.
Any other activities that are considered illegal or at the limit of the law, will be suspended without any notification. We will not provide any backups for illegal services. The only way to get a backup is to pay a restoration invoice. The amount that the client will need to pay, will be established by us depending on the seriousness of the offense. The deadline for this payment can be modified by us at any time.
Reselling a promotional service is forbidden. reserves the right to suspend any re-selled service and your client account for an undetermined period of time.
The right to use NiXWay services will be restored after you will remove all forbidden content and your account will be clean and legal. However, this fact remains at our decision.
If a reseller’s client break this agreement or any legal agreement, we reserve the right to suspend the reseller’s client without any notification sent to the reseller.
The end-user will not be notified by us. The reseller (NiXWay’s client) will be informed about his client’s actions, our actions and the reason why the account was suspended.
Art. 2.6
The disk space offered by us, can only be used to store the files used by your site’s script (html, documents, scripts, images, multimedia, emails files) or are linked/related with the site’s activity or company’s.
Under any circumstances we do not allow you to store filesharing files, torrents, mass downloads … etc.
Art. 2.7
Our servers will not be used in any way and under no circumstance for sending, storing or advertising illegal materials (according to Romanian, UE and USA Laws.) which are considered forbidden/illegal.
A tiny list that contains but not limits to forbidden materials is:

– Violation of copyright or any other right of any third party .
– Materials or links to movies, tv channels, MP3 or other media without proof of copyright.
– Promotion of illegal activities ( hacking, cracking, warez, etc).
– Material protected by trade secrets or any other status .
– Documents classified / marked as secret/top secred .
– Threats, abuse, harassing, defamatory statements .
– Materials designed to encourage feelings of hatred or discrimination .
– Nulled, licenseless, keygened scripts/programs .
– Adult content, nudity, pornography, anything of a sexual or text or obscene .
– Information or software containing or about any kind of virus or trojans .
– Collection of personal information for illegal purposes .
– Personal data without the written consent of the persons concerned .
– Any content deemed by us to be detrimental or illegal .
– Any software to decompile scripts or programs or any other method of reverse engeneering is prohibited .

Art. 2.8
Sending e-mail for commercial purposes or mass advertising by e-mail once or on a regular basis must comply with the conditions imposed by us.
Such campaigns can only be operated only with e-mail lists that people subscribe personally to receive such messages express consent and all posts must contain the unsubscribe procedure.
Any complaint received in this scope will be investigated and we will proceed to solve the claim acoording to our agreement.
Condition that you must meet when sending bulk, commercial or advertising emails:

– Sending mass e-mail must be done by a script that uses SMTP connection.
– Using CGI or PHP sendmail “mail ()” is prohibited for sending mass e-mail.
– Addresses Past the Return-path:, From:, Reply-To: have to work and have enough space allocated.
– Send only to people who have given their express consent to receive messages via e-mail.
– Archiving data entered by the recipient to enrollment lists of e-mail including the date and time of registration, visit the IP address and data.
– Include in each e-mail the complete and true identification of the sender.
– Include in e-mail every opportunity to opt out from receiving e-mail, and to be respected.
– E-mail lists have to be kept up to date, make sure that you have the resources to do this
NOTA: Orice sesizare primita in acest sens si confirmata va duce la suspendarea imediata a contului respectiv fara o anuntare in prealabil a detinatorului contului de gazduire, servicii sau resellerului.
Art. 2.9 – Trimiterea de mesaje comerciale sau publicitare nesolicitate denumite generic SPAM pentru promovarea oricarui site utilizand serverele noastre sau prin alte servere pentru promovarea oricarui website sau serviciu gazduit pe serverele noastre va avea ca si consecinta suspendarea sau anularea contului de gazduire al clientului, fara drept la ramburs.
Pot fi operate liste email in conditiile in care persoanele se inscriu pentru a primi mesaje prin acceptul personal si se publica in toate mesajele procedura de retragere din liste.
Orice reclamatie primita in acest sens va fi investigata si se vor lua masurile ce se impun.
Un mesaj poate fi considerat SPAM chiar daca:

– Are trecuta fraza “Acest e-mail nu poate fi considerat SPAM …” sau alte fraze asemanatoare.
– Daca datele de indentificare a expeditorului sunt incomplete sau incorecte.
– Daca nu puteti demonsta ca o anumita persoana a fost de acord sa primeasca mesaje e-mail de la dvs.
– Daca procedura de retragere din baza de e-mailuri nu functioneaza.
– Daca folositi liste de e-mail cumparate (chiar si cu factura!) sau primite la schimb.
– Mesajul e-mail este trimis de pe alt server.

NOTA: Orice sesizare primita in acest sens si confirmata va duce la suspendarea imediata a contului respectiv fara o anuntare in prealabil a detinatorului contului de gazduire, servicii sau resellerului.
Art. 3.0. La prima incalcare a regulilor de trimitere a mesajelor comerciale nesolicitate denumite generic SPAM stipulate in contract, serviciile de gazduire vor fi suspendate sau trimiterea de mesaje va fi limitata.
Deblocarea sau ridicarea limitelor se face doar dupa trimiterea catre prin e-mail a unui declaratii pe proprie raspundere semnata, datata si stampilata (in cazul firmelor) cu textul “Am citit, inteleg si sunt de acord cu politicile de trimitere a mesajelor e-mail stipulate in Contractul de Furnizare a Serviciilor,” insotita de o copie dupa actul de identitate sau a cerfificatului de inregistrare in cazul firmelor.
Art. 3.1. Folosirea form-urilor online pentru expedierea de e-mailuri se face doar prin scripturi securizate la care accesul este restrictionat de parola sau sisteme anti robot.
Nerespectarea acestor prevederi duce la dezactivarea scripturilor sau suspendarea contului.
Art. 3.2. Pornografia sau orice alte materiale cu continut sexual sau obscen, link-uri avand legatura cu pornografia, sunt interzise pe serverele noastre. isi rezerva dreptul de a decide in ceea ce priveste legalitatea acestor websituri.
Art. 3.3. Nu este permisa utilizarea urmatoarelor scripturi pe serverele noastre:

– Scripturi pentru proxy sau IRC
– Scripturi pentru Torrent Tracker sau fisiere Torrent
– Scripturi pentru Top-uri sau Statistici
– Scripturi pentru File Sharing
– Scripturi pentru Retele de Socializare
– Scripturi pentru Redirectare Url Gratuita (url shortener)
– PhpShell si scripturi similare pentru executarea de comenzi
– Scripturi de tipul FormMail
– Chat room-uri
– Scripturi (comerciale sau necomerciale) ce contin gauri de securitate cunoscute
– Scripturi comerciale (platite sau gratuite) neactualizate la ultima versiune disponibila
– Scripturi pentru streaming
– Scripturi nulled/cracked/keygened/license pass


Art. 3.4 – Consumul excesiv de resurse este interzis in cazul pachetelor de gazduire web si reseller web.
Pentru a asigura buna functionare a serviciilor, siturile (contul de gazduire impreuna cu serviciile web) trebuie sa se incadreze in urmatoarele limite:

Pachete Web hosting si Reseller web hosting
– Consum maxim CPU: 10%
– Consum maxim memorie RAM: 256M
– Numar maxim de procese concurente: 20
– Executie maxima Mysql(query time): 10 sec
Art. 3.5 – Toate conturile sunt monitorizate pentru a urmari consumul de resurse de pe server.
Daca un cont utilizeaza o cantitate foarte mare de resurse, vom contacta clientul respectiv pentru a discuta in aceasta privinta.
In cazul in care un cont utilizeaza o cantitate mult prea mare de resurse (memorie, procesor), contul poate fi suspendat sau scriptul dezactivat fara informarea prealabila a clientului, pentru a mentine buna functionare a serverului.
In cadrul pachetelor de gazduire web si reseller “Shared Hosting” nu se vor accepta sub nici o forma utilizatori mari consumatoari de resurse. supravegheaza respectarea celor de mai sus prin monitorizarea rapoartelor despre resursele utilizate.
Art. 3.6 – Clientii pot sa solicite imbunatatirea pachetului sau marirea temporara a resurselor alocate contra-cost.
Constituie responsabilitatea clientului sa ne contacteze din timp pentru a solicita marirea resurselor pentru a evita astfel suspendarea contului.
In unele cazuri conturile sunt suspendate automat cand se atinge limita resurselor alocate, pentru reactivare fiind necesara interventia manuala din partea noastra.


Art. 3.7
Ne rezervam dreptul de a impune restrictii hardware si software in folosirea serverelor fara vreun anunt prealabil, in cazul unor probleme de securitate cunoscute ce pot duce la functionarea defectuoasa a serverelor sau exploatarea programelor instalate pe server.
Art. 3.8
Limitari si Functii oprite Apache / PHP:

Pachete Web hosting si Reseller web hosting
– Aplicatii ce deschid socket-uri de conexiune, exemplu: exec, shell_exec, link, socket_accept, etc…
– Deschidera de fisiere externe cu functiile: fopen, file_get_contents etc…
– upload_max_filesize=64M
– memory_limit=128M
– max_execution_time=60
– max_input_time=300
– post_max_size=64M
– allow_url_fopen=off
– register_globals=off
– safe_mode=off
– disable_functions=system, exec, passthru, proc_open, popen, shell_exec, symlink, link, dl, syslog, pcntl_exec, pcntl_fork, pcntl_signal, pcntl_waitpid, pcntl_wexitstatus, pcntl_wifexited, pcntl_wifsignaled, pcntl_wifstopped, pcntl_wstopsig, pcntl_wtermsig
Art. 3.9
Mesaje e-mail trimise de pe serverele noastre sunt limitate in functie de metoda de trimitere:
Pachete Web hosting si Reseller web hosting
– Mesaje trimise prin sendmail fara autentificare, functia mail(): 50 / zi /ora
– Mesaje trimise prin SMTP: 50 /zii /ora
NOTA: Headerele mesajelor trimise fara autentificare, functia mail(), nu pot fi rescrise!
Art. 4.0
Acces si limitari MySQL:
– Pachete Web hosting si Reseller web hosting
– MySQL Remote Access – LA ALEGERE
– max_allowed_packet = 1M
– max_user_connections = 8


Art. 4.1 – Backup-urile sunt facute de catre noi saptamanal.
Totusi nu oferim nici o garantie pentru integritatea backup-urilor.
Sfatuim toti clientii sa genereze si downloadeze propriile backup-uri din panoul de control sub forma unui fisier arhivat continand backup-urile tuturor datelor si bazelor de date ale unui cont.


Art. 4.2 – Clientul are responsabilitatea de a actualiza informatiile de contact din panoul de control, panoul de client si datele de facturare, atunci cand este necesar.
Noi nu putem fi trasi la raspundere pentru confuzii intervenite in comunicare ca un rezultat direct al neefectuarii de catre client a actualizarilor necesare.
Art. 4.3 – Clientul este responsabil pentru mentinerea in conditii de securitate a numelui de utilizator, parolelor si a altor informatii sensibile.
Daca exista orice dubiu in acest sens clientul trebuie sa modifice sau sa solicite modificarea datelor de autentificare contactand echipa de asistenta.
Art. 4.4 – Clientul poate sa salveze istoricul de acces (access log) folosind optiunea disponibila in panoul de control.
Istoricul de acces cuprinde datele persoanelor care au accesat situl prin interfata http si/sau ftp.
Art. 4.5 – Clientul are obligativitatea de a mentine actualizate (update sau pach) la ultima versiune scripturile comerciale sau gratuite folosite pe serverul
De asemenea clientul are obligativitatea sa faca actualizarea scripturilor folosite in termen de 24 ore de la sesizarea
In caz contrar isi rezerva dreptul sa stearga sau sa blocheze accesul la continutul contului fara o notificare prealabila.


Art. 4.6 – Comunicarea cu clientii se desfasoara pe mail sau telefonic in cazuri de urgenta.
Suportul fiind oferit numai prin sistemul de tichete din zona de client
Clientul este de acord sa primeasca orice informatie privind serviciile, emiterea de proforme, notificare de neplata, suspendare a serviciilor sau alte comunicari legate de activitatea pe oricare din canalele de comunicare de mai sus.
Comunicarea cu clienti se rezuma doar la serviciile oferite de si nu va avea scopuri publicitare, decat in situatia in care clientul isi exprima acordul in acest sens.


Art. 4.7 – Nu putem fi considerati responsabili pentru daune cauzate de indisponibilitatea temporara a serverelor noastre, oricare ar fi motivul care cauzeaza acest lucru.
Aceasta prevedere include si daunele rezultate din deteriorarea sau pierderea datelor.
Clientul este de acord sa garanteze si sa ne considere nevinovati in legatura cu orice pretentii si/sau daune, fara a se limita la acestea, cauzate tertilor rezultate ca si consecinta a utilizarii serviciilor.
Art. 4.8 – ofera suport tehnic gratuit tuturor clientilor pentru a asigura buna functionare a serviciilor oferite. nu se obliga sa ofere suport pentru scripturi, configuratii, ajutor de genul: “ce este aia?”, “cum se face aia?”, etc…
Art. 4.9 – nu este responsabila cu furnizarea catre clienti al istoricul de acces al siturilor (access log), acestea putand fi arhivate si descarcate de catre client din panoul de control.
Art. 5.0 – nu ofera suport tehnic sau privind utilizarea pentru scripturile gratuite oferite clientilor. isi rezerva dreptul sa renunte la a oferi in orice moment scripturile oferite gratuit, fara o notificare prealabila.
Scripturile gratuite oferite includ, dar nu se limiteaza la RVSitebuilder, Pachetul Fantastico, etc…


Art. 5.1 – Daca, pentru orice motiv, nu sunteti satisfacuti de serviciile pe care vi le oferim va rugam sa ne contactati si sa ne spuneti care este problema pentru a o rezolva.
In cazul in care nu va putem rezolva problema si doriti sa intrerupeti contractul ne puteti informa de acest lucru insa nu veti primi banii inapoi pentru serviciile platite in avans.
Plata pentru inregistrarea de domenii sau alte servicii conexe nu se returneaza.
Art. 5.2 – Vom aloca toate resursele necesare in investigari asupra actelor de violare a securitatii sistemelor sau a retelei, si vom coopera cu autoritatile in cazul unor infractiuni.
Clientii care incalca prezentele prevederi pot raspunde penal sau civil.
Art. 5.3 – Pentru clienti cu mai multe conturi sau reselleri, ne rezervam dreptul de a suspenda toate conturile in cazul in care proprietarul contului principal incalca prezentele prevederi intr-o masura considerata de noi a fi foarte grava.
Art. 5.4 – Suntem unicii in masura sa judece ce anume reprezinta o incalcare a termenilor si conditiilor de mai sus.
Neconformarea cu termenii si conditiile de mai sus constituie motiv pentru suspendarea sau dezactivarea contului.
Art. 5.5 – Eventualele litigii intervenite intre parti in legatura cu executarea obligatiilor decurgand din prezentul contract se vor solutiona pe calea arbitrajului institutionalizat de catre curtea competenta, daca acestea nu au fost stinse pe cale amiabila.